Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello everyone,

A young man from South Korea sent me this, hoping to find support and advice.

Dear Thurman

I am a Roman Catholic seminarian from one of South Korea dioceses, who is gay.
I have known that I am gay since my early years yet came to accept who I am just afew years ago, after being a seminarian.
Being gay and a seminarian deosn't go that easy because, as you already know, it contradicts to what the Church teaches.
Whenever I read the Cathechism, I ask myself, "Am I to be condemned? Even though I love and am loved by him?"
I have been searching for the place and someone to share. ystory, and I finally found one!
I am very happy with the fact there are many out there who experience the same matter.
Unfortunately, however, I failed to find more entries than the first two...
I think I must have missed something: I will be greatly grateful if you get me instructed.

May God bless you.

South Korea.

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